Thursday, August 30, 2007

mail for me :)

Many thanks to Sharon! I received my package yesterday. A very cool felted bag and she even sent me an extra goodie - an apron that she made from a dish towel!!
Many many thanks.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I got my package!

I actually got this in the mail last Saturday, but it's taken me a while to get around to posting to the blog. My spoiler was Kimberly of Woven~N~Spun, who wove the lovely little bag. Along with the bag was a magnet from Oklahoma, a thread/yarn cutter, a pair of DPN keepers and some Burt's Bees lip balm (not shown, as the Husband has pilfered it...)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thanks - but pictures later!!

I just wanted to share with everyone that I received my package in the mail yesterday ( I have been on vacation, so yesterday was the first day I got mail for almost ten days!) I got a great felted bag with playing cards and a magnet. I couldn't take a photo because our power was out but tomorrow I'll post a photo and add the name of the person who gave it to me! Thanks -it's great!

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm So Happy!

I had to work from home today because I cut my foot on Sat and have stitches on the bottom of it. Early this afternoon there's a knock at the door, I hobble over and I get a package. It's from Stephanie, check out the goodies. She was sooo generous, thank you AGAIN so much. This is fabulous. Oh, there was also a bar of awesome dark chocolate but that's already in my suitcase so I don't forget to bring it on Wednesday. I'm sure it will come in handy while at Stitches.

Oh, you want to SEE the goodies? Ok. The notions bag is made from Noro Silk Garden, she made the stitchmarkers (which, by the way, my fave is the square-ish one) and she made the wine glass charms as well. Check out the Mickey Mouse key clip, I've never seen anything like this and I love it (hubby said it was perfect for me because I can never find my keys). Man, I love being spoiled. Thank you, Stephanie. We'll definitely have to hook up next February in CA at the Stitches West. :-)

The bag is actually a bit greener and more purple than this shows.

Friday, August 3, 2007

I can't explain it...

I noticed today that the pictures I had posted earlier of Kathleen's bag had disappeared, both here and on my own blog, and I don't know why. I have reposted them in original post, but they may be in a slightly different order. Just wanted to let you all know why if you thought it looked different.

Prize Arrived

Thank you, Patty for the wonderful prize. Today I received a Mary Engelbreit photo book mark and photo magnet. They are both wonderful. Thanks so much.

As a side note, my notions bag did go out on Wednesday (a day late...hanging head in shame) and hopefully it will be received soon. Totally forgot to take a picture of it though.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My notions bag came.

This is my very cool notions bag that came in today's mail. Guinifer sent this awesome bag along with some stitch holders, a row counter (which I need for Dr. Who-I have to keep making tic marks on paper-very cool tool!), other yarny notions, as well as some very nice sock yarn, Wild Ginger soap, and Swedish Fish. Those were anxiously watched by DTE while I took pictures and then opened as soon as the camera was turned off. She says thanks too! DTY will also enjoy those when she gets home. Thank you so much for such a wonderful bag and such great extras!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Notions Bag!

This morning I got my Notions bag swap in the mail from Lisa. Thank you very much Lisa! She tucked a duck (geese?) magnet into the front pouch of the bag! I love the pouch, so cute. You can actually un-snap it to look like this:

It's very awesome! I like the different panels on the front, I need to learn how to do that!

Thank you again Lisa!

It's blogged here.

Another late one...

Oy vey...

Just letting everyone know that I also am running a bit late. I should have my package in the mail this weekend.


I'm going to be late :( Just wanted to make myself accountable for this. I fully meant to mail my package yesterday, but due to a dental emergency , etc, I will be mailing on Monday, my payday. I'm so sorry for the delay! :(

Monday, July 30, 2007

Package in the mail!

I finished my notions bag this weekend! This is for a very busy knitter! This was my first ever attempt at sewing in a zipper by machine, and first pattern that I followed 100%! The bag is about 6" long - perfect size for sock knitters' notions (and it's filled with things that are helpful when knitting socks!) Oops, maybe I wrote too much! I hope the recipient enjoys it!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I found the pattern here...

I found Barb Lawrence's "The Purse Project" blog, and really liked this, so got the magazine to make it for Kathleen. I already had fish fabric (for my main floor bathroom), so it worked out great! I made a few changes to make it turn out the way I wanted for the linings, and I will definitely be making more of these. She wants to use it as a purse instead of a notions bag. I might have to send her a second bag!

Kathleen's bag from me

Kathleen got her notions bag and she has asked me to post these pictures for you all to see what else I sent besides the bag you have already gotten to see.
It is posted on my blog as well.

There is a puzzle for her son, some biscotti and recipe for more, and postcards and a couple of magnets from where I live. The significance of the corn cob "thing" is that it is a water tower for the Seneca/Libby's vegetable canning facility here in town. It is a famous local landmark.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stitch Marker Prize

I got my beautiful, wonderful Stitch Marker Prize in today's mail. At first I couldn't figure out why they were showing up, or from who, but then I remembered! Thank you so much MKG! (I'll post a picture once I figure more camera issue stuff out. Maybe I could baby-sit again...)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have received!

I received a beautiful notions bag from my partner Leslie today! This is picture-laden, and what a fun package! :)

The Whole She-bang...deceptively small!!

Everything that was in that package!

Troy, Michigan pencils, and the preschool where my partner works!

A BEAUTIFUL notions bag made of Noro....dear partner you spoil me so! :)

She did a little sleuthing and found out I'm a Star Wars fan, so she snuck in a little extra!!

And finally, a Detroit Tigers magnet - go Tigers! :)

Thank you so much!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Box Mailed off

I have mailed my bag off to its new owner, and she should get it by Saturday! After I know it is in her hands, I will put a picture of it up on my home blog.

Which Ones Are Yours?????

The Stitchmarkers

I love it when someone who never wins something -wins! I'm finishing up the stitchmarkers tonight and will mail them out on Friday. I'm working from home tomorrow and won't have time to mail them but will for sure on Friday.

How's everyone doing? If you've received your notions bag it would be awesome if you popped a picture out here for the others to see. Which I will do as soon as I receive mine, I'm so excited - I feel like a kid in a candy store who's about to get a surprise!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Winners of Contest #2!

For those of you who know me, you won't be surprised by this at all. I've decided to do 5 winners instead of 3. Ha ha!

So the winners are:

Kristin, Sabrina, Stephanie, Kathleen (hi Kiki!) and Barbara

The prizes? Hmm. Wonder if I should tell you. Ok.

Stitchmarkers handmade by me. I'll get them in the mail this coming week.

Congratulations to you all! And for those who haven't won anything yet, not to worry, I've got some other tricks up my sleeve. :-)

By the way, awesome ways for cooling off everyone. Very creative and fun too!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Another Contest!

This contest is open only to the participants of this exchange.

1. Leave a comment on this post describing how you cool off in the summer when it's hot.

2. Last date to leave a comment is July 13th.

3. Drawing to be held on July 14th.

4. Number of winners - 3

5. Prizes? Haven't decided yet!

My Notions Bag Is Ready To Mail

So I wonder who's going to get this little number? I've included a close up of the fabric as well. I'll be shipping this off sometime this week. I've included the required magnet, of course, but I've also included a little surprise as well. The recipient should have it by Friday at the latest. Please note that the instructions for the pattern did not include attaching the zipper with a sewing machine so it was all done by hand which means it's not perfect (I much prefer the sewing machine) but it still turned out well. At least I think it did! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Swap Received!

Sabrina over at My Knitting Basket has received the DPN case, notion bag & magnet from my province of Canada today! Thank you so much for this fun swap, I can't wait to see what I'm going to get in the mail!

Hugs, Robyn

Monday, June 25, 2007

Due Date is July, not June

Hi all, just a reminder that your notions bag and the magnet to go with it are due to be shipped July 31st. Not June 30th. A couple of you thought it was June so I wanted to clarify so you don't get too stressed out trying to get it done. :-)

Any questions, leave me a comment on this post or send an email.


Pattern found!

I finally decided on a pattern. I'm going to make a test bag today and see how it goes! Silly me. Here is the pattern

Here is the completed bag. Isn't it the cutest thing! I hope my pal likes it. Now, off to find a magnet. Is there anything else we are supposed to include?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Still looking for a pattern?

I just got this in my email from Berocco. Looks like a pretty easy notions bag pattern if you're stuck. :)

Berocco bag
Can be found here.

I got started on my pal's bag last night. So excited! Hee hee.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Contest Number 1 Winners!

Yes! WinnerS! I decided I was in the mood for some fun so I picked two winners instead of the original 1 that I promised.

1. RG from Cananda - you win the book called Twelve Sweaters One Way - Knitting Cuff to Cuff!

2. AB from Iowa - you win a lovely set of handmade stitchmarkers, made by MOI!

I will get everything into the mail tomorrow - Congratulations to you both!

Package Completed!

I completed my notions bag, it was my first ever sewn pouch. I also made a DPN case to go with it, and got a magnet from my hometown. I'm not going to post too many pictures, until the girl who's receiving it does receive it! I can't wait to see this notion's bag in it's new home! I hope it gets filled with lots of knitting goodies & goes to Stitch 'n Bitches, etc!
I experimented with my own pattern (from my head) as this was my first ever sewn pouch, and my first time ever using a zipper! I had a good time making it!
So with that.. I give you my sneak peak (above!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pattern Search for Knitted or Crocheted Notion bag

Does anyone have a pattern to share?

Pattern Ideas

Hi everyone! I was looking around on the Web yesterday trying to find a nice sewing pattern and I came across SEVERAL FREEBIES on a few sites that could be easily adjusted!

Butterick - the wrist bag or evening bag would work!

McMall's - evening bag or lined cylinder bag would work!

Yes, you do have to give them your e-mail to download the free patterns, but that's not a big deal! Does anyone else have any knitting or crochet pattern ideas they could post? I didn't find many of them...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our First Contest

I promised you this would be an easy one and it is. Once you've confirmed your pal's address, leave a comment here on this post. See? Couldn't get any easier than that.

Everyone who has posted the comment by June 20th will have their name placed in a drawing to win - well - not sure just 'what' yet but it will be cool! I promise.

Have fun knitting, crocheting or sewing your notions bag!! I've already started mine, I'm excited to see it completed but it's going to take a bit as the stitch is quite small but compact.

Okay, now I have to do my real job. Bye!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sign ups are now closed.

I will be emailing everyone their partner's information by tomorrow night. Since we don't have that many it won't be a problem to get them out sooner than the 17th. So that means we all get to get started a lot sooner!!!

Have a great time, everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

INBEI Information

Hi everyone, I'm Midwest Knit Girl and I've been wanting to host an exchange for some time now. Well, the time is NOW. Here's the information, don't hesitate to leave comments and questions. Thanks, everyone!

Sign ups start - May 26th, 2007
Sign ups end - June 10th, 2007
Pals will be assigned by - June 17th
Notions bags and a magnet must be shipped and postmarked by - July 31st
Secret pals should all have their notions bags in their hands no later than - August 21st

Who is this exchange for?
Those who knit, crochet or sew.

What is a notions bag?
A notions bag is something to carry around those small items that can get lost in your main project bag. Examples are tape measures, needles, stitch markers.

How big should the notions bag be?
I think it should be a minimum of 4 inches by 4 inches, but use your best judgment. Once your pal is assigned to you, you will find out what they do - whether they are a knitter, crocheter or someone who sews. That will clue you in to what size they might find useful.

What else are we required to send with the notions bag?
I’d like everyone to include a magnet from wherever you live. If it isn’t one of your state or providence, perhaps it’s of something that wherever you do live is famous for. Something silly will work! Anything else you include is entirely up to you but definitely not required.

How are secret pals assigned?
Pals are not assigned to each other. For example, Pal A is assigned to Pal B, who is assigned to Pal C, who in turn is assigned to Pal D. Pal A and Pal B are not assigned to each other, that would make the exchange a NON-anonymous one. I will try to match you based on your questionnaire preferences but do know that you may be assigned someone outside of your preferences. If I am unable to match you to your country, I will email you to find out if it’s okay to proceed or if you’d like to pass this round.

A blog or website is required:
You are required to have a blog or website to participate in this exchange. Your secret pal will be given your blog or website address, so he/she can find out more about you. It will generally be used as a place where you secret pal can learn more about you and personalize your notions bag.

An anonymous email address is required:
That way you can communicate with your secret pal without them knowing who you are. There are a lot of places to get one for free (like,, gmail, etc).

How much should I spend?
The minimum spend on materials and the magnet ONLY is $20 USD (approx $25 AUD, 10 GB Pounds or 15 Euro - I believe these amounts are comparable to $20 USD, if not, someone please correct me). This minimum spend does NOT include postage!

How do I sign up?
Send an email with the following information to: notionsbagswap at yahoo dot com

1. What is your full name and mailing address (only your pal and I will ever know this information)?
2. What is your blogger name (if it applies - mine is knitgirl63 even though my blog is called midwest knit girl)?
3. What email can I use to contact you?
4. What is the name of your blog and it's URL?
5. What colors do you like?
6. What colors do you hate?
7. What fibers are you allergic to?8. Other allergies (smoke, pets, etc)?
9. Would you prefer a pal from the same country you are from or are you okay having someone from anywhere?
10. What is your anonymous email that I can give your pal?
11. Would you be willing to be an angel? Keep in mind that you could end up having to send a bag and magnet somewhere outside of your country.

Two last things:

1. When you receive your notions bag and magnet, thank the person who sent it to you on your blog. Please, please, please do that - even if it's not quite your style or color! That is truly the most polite and appropriate thing to do.

2. I assume that everyone signs up to exchanges with the best of intentions but sometimes life gets in the way. If you find that you are unable to fulfill your obligation, you need to contact me via email as soon as possible so I can get an angel to step in.

Below are two great paragraphs from the International Scarf Exchange that really says it all for me, my comments in italics:“Folks who sign up and don't keep their end of the bargain and do not get in touch with us (in this case, me) to work something out will be banned from future exchanges. (Yes, we do keep a list and we subscribe to the BANNED yahoo group that fibre exchange hostesses use to make sure all participants play nice.). I will be sure to find out how to get to this list.”

"If we (I) email you at the address you have given us (me) to ask about your progress and we (I) don’t hear from you within two weeks (5 days for the notions bag swap), we (I) will assume you have dropped out. This may result in you being added to the BANNED list.”

As people are signed up, they will be sent an invite to enable posting to this blog. So what are you waiting for, sign up!