Saturday, May 26, 2007

INBEI Information

Hi everyone, I'm Midwest Knit Girl and I've been wanting to host an exchange for some time now. Well, the time is NOW. Here's the information, don't hesitate to leave comments and questions. Thanks, everyone!

Sign ups start - May 26th, 2007
Sign ups end - June 10th, 2007
Pals will be assigned by - June 17th
Notions bags and a magnet must be shipped and postmarked by - July 31st
Secret pals should all have their notions bags in their hands no later than - August 21st

Who is this exchange for?
Those who knit, crochet or sew.

What is a notions bag?
A notions bag is something to carry around those small items that can get lost in your main project bag. Examples are tape measures, needles, stitch markers.

How big should the notions bag be?
I think it should be a minimum of 4 inches by 4 inches, but use your best judgment. Once your pal is assigned to you, you will find out what they do - whether they are a knitter, crocheter or someone who sews. That will clue you in to what size they might find useful.

What else are we required to send with the notions bag?
I’d like everyone to include a magnet from wherever you live. If it isn’t one of your state or providence, perhaps it’s of something that wherever you do live is famous for. Something silly will work! Anything else you include is entirely up to you but definitely not required.

How are secret pals assigned?
Pals are not assigned to each other. For example, Pal A is assigned to Pal B, who is assigned to Pal C, who in turn is assigned to Pal D. Pal A and Pal B are not assigned to each other, that would make the exchange a NON-anonymous one. I will try to match you based on your questionnaire preferences but do know that you may be assigned someone outside of your preferences. If I am unable to match you to your country, I will email you to find out if it’s okay to proceed or if you’d like to pass this round.

A blog or website is required:
You are required to have a blog or website to participate in this exchange. Your secret pal will be given your blog or website address, so he/she can find out more about you. It will generally be used as a place where you secret pal can learn more about you and personalize your notions bag.

An anonymous email address is required:
That way you can communicate with your secret pal without them knowing who you are. There are a lot of places to get one for free (like,, gmail, etc).

How much should I spend?
The minimum spend on materials and the magnet ONLY is $20 USD (approx $25 AUD, 10 GB Pounds or 15 Euro - I believe these amounts are comparable to $20 USD, if not, someone please correct me). This minimum spend does NOT include postage!

How do I sign up?
Send an email with the following information to: notionsbagswap at yahoo dot com

1. What is your full name and mailing address (only your pal and I will ever know this information)?
2. What is your blogger name (if it applies - mine is knitgirl63 even though my blog is called midwest knit girl)?
3. What email can I use to contact you?
4. What is the name of your blog and it's URL?
5. What colors do you like?
6. What colors do you hate?
7. What fibers are you allergic to?8. Other allergies (smoke, pets, etc)?
9. Would you prefer a pal from the same country you are from or are you okay having someone from anywhere?
10. What is your anonymous email that I can give your pal?
11. Would you be willing to be an angel? Keep in mind that you could end up having to send a bag and magnet somewhere outside of your country.

Two last things:

1. When you receive your notions bag and magnet, thank the person who sent it to you on your blog. Please, please, please do that - even if it's not quite your style or color! That is truly the most polite and appropriate thing to do.

2. I assume that everyone signs up to exchanges with the best of intentions but sometimes life gets in the way. If you find that you are unable to fulfill your obligation, you need to contact me via email as soon as possible so I can get an angel to step in.

Below are two great paragraphs from the International Scarf Exchange that really says it all for me, my comments in italics:“Folks who sign up and don't keep their end of the bargain and do not get in touch with us (in this case, me) to work something out will be banned from future exchanges. (Yes, we do keep a list and we subscribe to the BANNED yahoo group that fibre exchange hostesses use to make sure all participants play nice.). I will be sure to find out how to get to this list.”

"If we (I) email you at the address you have given us (me) to ask about your progress and we (I) don’t hear from you within two weeks (5 days for the notions bag swap), we (I) will assume you have dropped out. This may result in you being added to the BANNED list.”

As people are signed up, they will be sent an invite to enable posting to this blog. So what are you waiting for, sign up!


knitphomaniac said...

this is quite cool! I can't wait to be part of this exchange!

Meanbean said...

I keep checking here, thinking I'm missing something, but really, until partners are assigned there's not much going on!! :) silly me....

Nellablue said...

This will be my first knit/crochet and/or sew swap and I'm really looking forward to it. Until now, I've been doing monthly farm girl art swaps over at

Midwest Knit Girl said...

To meanbean - I know what you mean. I want to start NOW!

knitphomaniac said...

Would it be alright to plug a swap I'm trying to organize too? It's at my blog, in case anyone's interested - signups are until June 15th.

Midwest Knit Girl said...

To knitphomaniac - Plug away!