Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kathleen's bag from me

Kathleen got her notions bag and she has asked me to post these pictures for you all to see what else I sent besides the bag you have already gotten to see.
It is posted on my blog as well.

There is a puzzle for her son, some biscotti and recipe for more, and postcards and a couple of magnets from where I live. The significance of the corn cob "thing" is that it is a water tower for the Seneca/Libby's vegetable canning facility here in town. It is a famous local landmark.

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Midwest Knit Girl said...

Barbara - you are amazing. I love all the stuff you sent her and your bag is really cool. I have a feeling you made up the pattern for the notions bag, didn't you? Very summer like and it suits Kathleen completely. :-)