Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have received!

I received a beautiful notions bag from my partner Leslie today! This is picture-laden, and what a fun package! :)

The Whole She-bang...deceptively small!!

Everything that was in that package!

Troy, Michigan pencils, and the preschool where my partner works!

A BEAUTIFUL notions bag made of Noro....dear partner you spoil me so! :)

She did a little sleuthing and found out I'm a Star Wars fan, so she snuck in a little extra!!

And finally, a Detroit Tigers magnet - go Tigers! :)

Thank you so much!!!!


LeslieJ said...

Glad to hear it all arrived safe and sound :)and that you're happy!

Patty (knitgirl63) said...

Yeah!! Very cool, nice job Leslie!